Regional films will be adversely affected by GST, says Kamal Haasan

Entertainment News, June 03:- Veteran actor Kamal Haasan stroked at the Central Government for announcing 28% tax slab under the Goods and Services Tax (GST) for cinema.

The actor, along with other representatives of the Tamil film industry, held a press conference on Friday, where he said, “When it comes to the pride of India, it was always regional cinemas that stood up for awards in international arenas. Regional cinema contributes to the might of the country. You can’t reduce that through taxation.”

“I was promised an easy life when the Republic (of India) was formed. Why should I work for the Government? I work for my own sustainability and it is not getting easier. I will have to quit the industry if I am on the highest tax slab,” he added.

The 62-year-old ‘Nayagan’ actor also stressed that regional cinema cannot be put on the same level as Bollywood films.

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