Rehearsal prior to yoga day; students faint during session

Mysore, June 19: A yoga practice session of about 9,000 people was going on at the premises of the Mysore Palace on Monday. The school students arrived early in the morning to launch the longest yoga chain attempt for the Guinness record. As the practice session went on for long, two students fainted. They has been treated immediately and they took part in the yoga chain again.

The world record yoga exhibition is taking place in Mysore on the 3rd International Yoga Day celebrations. The yoga yatra of Mysore has begun for the Guinness Book of Records. Over 6,000 students are performing mass yoga at the Mysore Palace premises. Students of Vidyashala of Perambur, Tamil Nadu made a record of yoga link by 3,800 students in 2014. Mysuru city students are keen to break the existing record.

The health of a student who attended the yoga practice was upset. Nitish Kumar, a 6th standard student of Adyan school in Shakti Nagar, Mysuru, fell ill. Nithesh Kumar, who is suffering from acute fever, was immediately treated by medical personnel. Another student was ill at the World Record mass yoga show. More than 20 students said to have fainted during the practice. (RV, KS)

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