Religions do not teach exploitation, but people do, says Siddaramaiah

“Dr B R Ambedkar is not only the leader for Dalits but also he is a model for those who are exploited from different sections of the society,” said Chief Minister Siddaramaiah at state-level conference on ‘Bouddha Samaja Nirmana Sankalpa Dina’ organised by Karnataka Rajya Dalita Sangharsha Samiti at MMCRI golden jubilee auditorium on Saturday.

After inaugurating the programme, Chief Minister said, “Dr Ambedkar is one of the great leaders our country has ever had. He dedicated himself for the equality in the society till his last breath. Everyone talks about him converting to Buddhism, but we all need to know why he took to Buddhism”.

“He tried very much to bring changes and transformation in Hinduism but he failed. Realising that he could not succeed to bring changes in Hinduism, he later converted to Buddhism which preaches equality to every individuals.”

“We must know that it is not religion that does not give equal opportunity in social, economic and political factors to any individual in the society, but it is the people who do that in the name of religions. There should not be any obligations for the social opportunities for any man in the society”.

“We need to encourage inter-caste marriage in order to bring equality in our society and only then it is possible to bring the thoughts of Dr Ambedkar into the reality.”

“We have introduced many schemes for promoting the inter-caste marriage. But it is not still being successful. Thus we need to spread more awareness on those schemes,” he added.

Dr H C Mahadevappa, Minister for Public Works, R Dharmasena, MLC and more than 1000 people were present.


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