Remove Article 370 from Constitution: Shiv Sena

Prime News, National, New Delhi, August 16:-  Criticising Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s assertion that separatism will be defeated by embracing Kashmiris and not by abuses or bullets, the Shiv Sena on Wednesday said that to implement this idea, we need to remove Article 370 from the Indian Constitution.

In an editorial in its mouthpiece ‘Saamna,’ the Shiv Sena said, “The Kashmir problem can be resolved by embracing all Kashmiris. This is really a great idea and to implement this, please remove Article 370 from the Indian Constitution, which will allow the people to visit Kashmir and then they can embrace people there.”

The article further asserted that if violence continues in the country in the name of faith, then not even the Muslims, but the Hindus will also become insecure.

Referring to ‘Vande Mataram,., the Shiv Sena attacked Prime Minister Modi, questioning why the latter does not show the same strictness with people who despite being Indian refused to chant the national song, as shown at the time of enforcing the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and demonetisation drive.

The Saamna also lashed out at PM Modi on his claims to bring black money, through demonetisation, to make the country prosperous.

–(NGB, Inputs: Agencies)



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