Renovated Ear Mould Lab inaugurated at AIISH

Mysuru, January 01:- Prof. B. K. Chandrashekar, Former Minister of Govt. of Karnataka recently inaugurated the renovated ‘Ear Mould Lab’ at All India Institute of Speech and Hearing, Mysuru.

The ‘Ear Mould Lab’ in the Department of Audiology, has facilities to prepare and provide individualized mechano-acoustic couplers (ear moulds) for hearing users.

The ear mould lab has state of art equipments and facilities to prepare all types of ear moulds, ear plugs and for making all types of acoustic modifications in the ear moulds.

It also has Central Prosthetic Lab (CPL), which is an innovative initiative by the institute wherein the impressions for the ear moulds taken elsewhere in the country is processed in our ear mould lab.

With up gradation of technology, the lab was renovated to prepare ear moulds for Receiver in the canal (RIC) hearing aids, Custom made In-the-ear (ITE) and In-the-canal (ITC) hearing aids. This lab would be able to provide the latest and the best technology ear moulds to the hearing aid users.

Approximately 1000 ear moulds are prepared in a month with five experienced technical staff who are well versed in the field of ear mould / custom hearing aid making.

Dr S R Savithri, Director, Dr M Sandeep, HOD, Department of Audiology and other staff members of the institute were present on the occasion. -(KK)

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