Reports telecasted against Vidhyaashram far from truth; defamation case to be filed

Mysuru, May 17:- “To defame the Vidyashram institution, some have made the private electronic media to report negatively against Vidhyaashram institution,” said the Chairman of the institution K Rakesh Raje Urs.

“A few of the private channels carried one sided biased reports against our institution. They didn’t even bother to take our response on the issue. We have used the photographs of the students who have studied, trained in our institution. But the TV channels have as it is carried the conspiracy report against our institution made by a rival college without even analysing the facts,” he said.


“We have all the proofs for the students whose photographs are being published and they are trained by us. While reporting this issue, the channels did not ask for our opinion and carried what the other institution has told,” he added.

“We would take judicial action against such activities. We will file defamation case against those who telecasted such baseless reports and those who made them to carry such false reports,” said Rakesh Raje Urs. (NBN)

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