Research students attend talk on ‘dissemination of research knowledge at NIEIT

As part of ‘Set Conclave 2016,’ at NIEIT campus on Saturday, Dr C N Ravi Kumar, former Dean – Academics, SJCE Mysuru, delivered the expert talk on dissemination of research knowledge to the benefits of PG students, faculty pursuing PhD and research supervisors.

Pointing out that research was not a new concept, Dr Ravi Kumar said that it was existing since the Vedic age and the people from Vedic age had predicted several concepts without any sophisticated instruments only because of their dedication and their devotion towards research. Quoting ancient and mythological examples to the present technical research innovations, he further said that by combining the knowledge and experience, one can become a good researcher in a lifetime.

The experts from various fields from different colleges in Mysuru addressed the queries on challenges and opportunities in research. Around 60 participants attended the programme.

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