“Researches spark new theories, innovations,” says Kabul Varsity Prof Asadi

Professor at the Kabul Education University, Afghanistan, Prof Zabihullah Asadi, in his keynote address emphasised the advancement made in researches which were “sparking new theories further leading to innovations in various fields.”

He stressed the need for quality researches, especially in the field of science and at the same time, he maintained that other disciplines should also get due importance.

“Inclusive growth of any country is dependent on how well it works on all the aspects concerning its citizens,” he said at the two-day International Conference on Advances in Collaborative Research for Business, Economics, Social Justice and Humanities, jointly organised on Saturday by University of Mysore (UoM), Sate Planning Board, International School of Business and Research, Bengaluru, Development Research Foundation, Mysuru and CREST Bengaluru.

He said that the quality researches not only helped in progress of the mankind but also supplemented human knowledge which, Prof Asadi remarked was the ultimate goal of any research.

UoM Vice Chancellor Prof K S Rangappa pointed out at the skills essentially required to involve in research programmes, saying “curiosity, creativity, focus, enthusiasm and communication skills along with academic integrity is crucial demands to take up advanced researches.”

Commenting on a book ‘Indian women through ages’, penned by Prof N Saraswathi, which was released on the occasion, Prof Rangappa described the book as a document of issues faced by women in the past. He further said that the book also provides solution for those issues which is “the best part of the book,” he added.

Ansari, a student of UoM, hailing from Iran, was awarded with the best research paper award for his research work.

General Manager, RBI, Chennai, V G Venkatachalapathy; Chairperson, RCMS, SDMIMD, Dr Mousumi Sen Gupta; UoM Registrar Prof C Basavaraju; Director, CREST Bengaluru, Mohan Das Hegde; MD, International School of Business and Research, Bengaluru, Manish Kothari; Director, HIT, West Bengal Dr Manabendranath Bandyopadhyay; Director, Development Research Foundation, Mysuru, Dr H R Krishnaiah Gowda and others were present.

As soon as Prof Asadi took the mike, Prof Rangappa who just had finished his speech, walked off the stage citing some emergency work as a reason. He was followed by a number of university professors who also left the auditorium as Prof Asadi watched them go. Neither Prof Rangappa nor the professors had the courtesy to listen to the speech of the guest who had come all the way from Afghanistan.

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