‘Reservation is a tool to achieve equality’

Opposing the verdict to roll back promotion at work, ‘Meesalathi Samrakshana Samithi’ staged a protest in the city on Friday. The
protest was supported by religious leaders of Ahinda communities.

The rally began after garlanding the statue of Dr B R Ambedkar at the town hall. “The government should pass an ordinance to save the rights of backward classes. Reservation is not alms but a tool to achieve equality. As long as people practise untouchability, reservation
should be there,” urged the protestors.

They also demanded the government to introduce reservation in private sector as well and fill the backlog according to reservation. They
also demanded the government to pass an ordinance to safeguard the reservation in all sectors. The protestors carried out the protest march by carrying placards and shouting slogans.

Basava Nagideva Sharana of Cheluvadi Mahasamsthana, Chitradurga, Jnanaprakash seer of Urilinga Peddi Mutt, Moulvi Ajeem Aleem Chisty, Fr S T Joseph and other religious leaders and people of Christian, Muslim, Cheluvadi, Madivala and other communities took part in the rally.

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