Resilient network needed to cope with disasters: Prof Dorka

Professor, University of Kassel, Germany & Sean Dee Coordinator, Germany, Prof Ing Uwe E Dorka felt the need for a resilient network and effective engineering to cope with natural disasters by minimising its impact on human lives.   In his keynote address at Sean Dee Workshop organised by Bhavan’s Priyamvada Birla Institute of Management (BPBIM), Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan on Thursday, Prof Dorka noted engineering as the missing link and said technology, management and natural science were not going hand-in-hand to deal the natural disasters.“Management, engineering and science should go together. It will though not stop natural disaster but minimise its impact to a larger extent. By better understanding of extreme events, engineers will be able to prevent or minimize their harmful effects. Improved techniques and materials will lead to stronger structures, reduction of injuries, casualties and damage from powerful natural forces.

Specialised instruments and computer programs to detect extreme events and estimate their location and severity should be built using science,” he said.“It was understood earlier that natural disasters are god-made. But, over the years, we have realised that man was equally responsible for natural disasters,” said Deputy Director, Centre for Disaster Studies, IOE, Nepal, Dr Basanta Raj Adhikari.Campus Chief, Pulchowk Campus, IOE, Nepal, Dr Gokarana Bahadur Motra pointed out that Nepal had a long history of devastating earthquakes and most of the times it has been observed that natural disasters kill less people while more damages were caused by poor infrastructure.

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