‘Respect, Sonu Nigam’: Twitter approves of singer’s shaven head

Singer Sonu Nigam is now bald, having shaved his head in defiance of a fatwa issued by a Muslim cleric who offered Rs 10 lakh as a reward for tonsuring the singer and garlanding with shoes. Mr Nigam has been savaged on social media after complaining of the use of loudspeakers in the azaan or the morning call to prayer on Monday.

On Wednesday afternoon, he addressed the press and, with cameras present, had hairstylist Aalim Hakim rid him of his hair. The 42-year-old singer had promised to do this in a tweet on the morning of Wednesday, saying “Keep your 10 lakhs ready maulvi.” Keeping his word has earned Sonu Nigam Twitter’s respect (barring the trolls and those who promptly turned the occasion into a joke).

Actor Ranvir Shorey tweeted: “Huge respect for this, Sonu Nigam.” The prevailing sentiment on social media matches his. “Bravo, Sonu Nigam shaves his head. Now where is the Maulvi who issued Fatwa of 10 lakhs
hiding? Looks like these fatwas are issued for publicity,” read a tweet.

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