Restaurant owner who abused pro-Kannada activists taught a lesson in Mysuru

Mysuru, May 16:- Pro-Kannada activists took a restaurant owner to task for abusing pro-Kannada activists who had requested him to install the restaurant sign board in Kannada. The owner of the restaurant allegedly abused the activists in foul language and dared them to change the board if they have guts. Enraged by this, the pro-Kannada activists taught him a lesson later.

Owner of New Shravana Bhavan Restaurant, near Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens at Ittigegudu who had allegedly misbehaved with the pro-Kannada activists, later removed the sign board in Hindi and apologised. A video of the incident has gone viral on social media. The people have appreciated the action of the Kannada activists for their bold stance.

All the sign boards of the restaurant were only in Hindi, and Kannada sign board was nowhere to be found. When a tourist of Karnataka questioned the restaurant owner about this and he answered him in a careless manner. During the argument, the restaurant owner had challenged the customer saying he would not install a Kannada sign board and challenged him to get the Hindi sign boards removed.

On coming to know about the incident, the members of pro-Kannada organisations took the issue seriously following which the restaurant owner apologised and he himself removed the Hindi sign board and assured to install sign boards in Kannada. (KS, NGB)

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