Review reservation for ‘2A’ communities: KC Puttasiddashetty

Mysuru, June 19:- Former member of Vidhana Parishat K C Puttasiddashetty urged the state government to review the reservation system as it has affected ‘2A’ communities, at a press meet held at Mysuru Press Club in the city on Saturday.

He urged the chief minister to increase the reservation for 2A communities to 20 per cent and to include Beleshetty, Hoovadiga, Kumbarashetty, Ganiga, Uppara, Devanga, Balija and other communities in reservation list.

“There are 102 castes in 2A category. The reservation benefits under the category go to communities which wield political power. Reservation should be increased to make them politically, educationally and socially strong,” he added.

Vasudevamurthy, Ramappaji and Mahadevaswamy were present.


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