Rhymes World Cup beckons tiny tots

City kids have entered the international rhyming recital contest, with the finals being scheduled to be held in Malaysia

Bonton & Lofty has been organizing Rhymes World Cup Competition for children below six years since 2014. There was an overwhelming response last year and auditions and final round for the academic year 2015-2016 in different cities have been completed. The international level competition this year in Malaysia will be all the more exciting.

Zonal level round was conducted in January 2016 in Mysuru where a majority of students from Montessori schools participated. Five kids from Green Wings have won in this level. In other cities like Bengaluru, Vizag, Kolkata, Delhi, more than 5000 kids participated from 750 schools.

Play group kid Moulya excelled in the national level. She won the first runners up trophy, certificates and gifts in the junior level competitions, conducted in Hyderabad on February 14.

About the event

Rhymes World Cup competition is for singing rhymes in English language only. The participant should sing one or two rhymes of their choice. The criteria for judgment are presentation skills that include action, pronunciation and voice modulation. All participants of Rhymes World Cup are below six years of age.

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