Ripple Fragrance launches car, toilet freshners

Ripple Fragrance, a division of the NR Group, launched car fresheners and toilet fresheners at Kote Anjaneya temple premises, on Friday.The product made under the brand names of Lia and Stop-O was launched by Managing Director of Ripple Fragrances, Kiran Ranga.

Kiran Ranga said, “Today we have launched two products- the Lia car freshener and Stop-O toilet freshener. Lia is designed for optimal fragrance circulation in cars where the vent clip of the freshener is flexible and caters to both horizontal and vertical AC vents unlike the other car fresheners available in the market. The Stop-O is equipped with fragrance booster that maximises the effectiveness by removing the odour to the core. The exquisite fragrances are designed to perform in Indian climatic conditions and are priced effectively for an absolute value for money.”

“Being a Mysuru-based company, we have started the national campaign from here. Being the home ground brand, our strength is in fragrance creation. We have created fragrance for Indian consumers. Today we are present in around 20,000 outlets and would be reaching 27,000 outlets by this December”, he added.

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