Robert Downey Jr. approves of black Iron Man

Actor Robert Downey Jr., who depicts the onscreen version of Iron Man in the film franchise, is excited for Riri Williams, a 15-year-old black girl and a science genius, to take up the mantle.

Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis earlier this week revealed that Tony Stark will be replaced by Williams. According to Bendis, Tony Stark will step out of the Iron Man suit at the end of the comic book crossover storyline “Civil War II”, and Williams will take over.

Downey Jr. extended support to Williams in a tweet.

“Get ready for a new generation of Marvel BAMF (bada** motherf***er)…,” Downey Jr. tweeted along with an image showing Williams as the new Iron Man.

Many fans, however, have issues with Bendis writing the new comic book.

They wish Marvel hired a black woman, instead of a white man, to write the story.

“You aren’t giving these characters their own identities. ‘Black Female Iron Man’ sounds like good publicity. But only good publicity,” wrote a fan.

“You can’t call these diverse stories without diverse voices,” another one wrote.

“I’m happy for all of these Black women leads in Marvel comics, but really wish the publisher would give Black women a chance to write them,” wrote another fan.

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