‘Robo-Rikishi’ at NIE a hit among participants

The state-level Robot Wres­tling competition ‘Robo-Rik­ishi’ was organised by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Insti­tute of Engineering, recently.

Inaugurating the event, technology management consultant, Vasuki explained to the students about chang­es brought out by automa­tion in industry and how students can sharpen their competitive spirit and prod­uct designing skills by par­ticipating in technical events like ‘Robo-Rikishi’.

`Robo-Rikishi’ conducted under the aegis of World-Bank’s Technical Education Quality Improvement Pro­gramme (TEQIP-11) is a three level robotic competition viz., pushing maximum weight, clearing hurdles and ‘sumo fight’ levels. The participants have to clear each level in or­der to move forward.

Totally 18 teams from various engineering colleges from across Karnataka participated in the competi­tion; out of which 14 teams cleared the first round of the weight pushing test.

The second round was the track test which created a competitive spirit among the students as the robot should pass through the track and clear the hurdles. Eight teams were able to clear this level.

In the last round – sumo event, a one-on-one ro­bot wrestling match was conducted and two teams qualify for finals. Team from Dayanand Sagar College of Engineering stood first and JNNC, Shivamogga were runners up.

For the third place all the robots which did not qual­ify to the finals were placec in an arena and all of fought against each other. The robot left standing finally in the enc is the winner. NIE team se­cured the third place.

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