Roboteer-2019 held at GSSSIETW

Mysuru, October 4:- The Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, GSSSIETW, organised Inter-College Robotic event “Roboteer-2019” in association with Instrument Society of India (ISOI), Student chapter, under IQAC, GSSSIETW for the PG and UG students of ECE/EIE/EEE/TCE/CSE/ISE/MECH branches of engineering colleges.

The event is inter-disciplinary in nature and designed to provide both theoretical and practical knowledge for students in Robotics. Roboteer event is aimed to provide a platform for students to demonstrate their knowledge and programming skills in embedded systems and robotics. The objective of this event was to build a robot which can find its way in a maze with walls from start point to finish point with many dead ends. The robot has to reach its destination in minimum time. It is an opportunity for applying the knowledge to solve the given task using the robotic kit provided during the event.

Sreekanta Aradhya B, chief expert – Industry 4.0 and MES, RBEI/EIA, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Limited, Bengaluru, who was the chief guest, shared his experience in the field of robotics and about the evolution of robots in the past two decades from 2D to 3D vision, stationary to mobility and also in terms of the safety considerations and miniaturisation.

He highlighted the three Bs (Brain, Brawn and Bone) of robots and the increasing efficiency and capability of the robots and also, he spotlighted on the current trends in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence. Aradhya enlightened the participants about the widespread applications of mobile robots in various industries.

He briefed about the autonomous mobile robots and its role in warehouses, which is capable of picking the right objects and placing it in the right place. He also mentioned about the collaborative robots which is the current trend in the industries wherein the robots work in collaboration with the humans. Further, Aradhya also briefed about the various controllers and operating systems that can be used for robots and the communication between the robots through the cloud and about the remote monitoring of the robots using cloud technology and artificial intelligence.

He emphasised about the future of robotics and about the career opportunities in the field of robotics in India and across the world and encouraged the participants to carry out innovative researches in the area of robotics.

Dr M Shivakumar, Principal; M V Sreenivas Rao, associate professor and head, faculty and students of Department of E&IE, GSSSIETW, were present. About 20 teams from various engineering colleges in and around Mysuru participated in the event. (MR)


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