Robots made by IIT students make their way to record books

Prime News, National (Chennai), October 30:- Students at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT-M) campus on Sunday created a new Asian record for deploying the largest number of robots for sweeping an area.

Nearly 270 students from IIT-M’s Centre For Innovation (CFI) created 45 custom-designed robots, that wielded a fast rotating ‘jhadu’ or scrubber that cleaned an area the size of badminton court to create the new record.

The robots were controlled using smartphones via bluetooth. Each robot consisted of a high-speed motor at its centre, with two rotating scrub-pads that directed the dust into the central suction mechanism, which was collected by a filter in a vacuum tunnel.
The robots were controlled using smartphones via bluetooth.
Prof B Ravindran, CFI Faculty-in-Charge said the record was the latest in the list of achievements by the robotics groups. “Robotics is one of the oldest co-curricular activity at IIT Madras. In the past, IIT-M teams have successfully participated in various global competitions,” he said.

Gaurav Lodha, Student Executive Head, CFI, and a Fourth Year Dual-Degree Student, Department of Civil Engineering listed the benefits of use of robots. “This will also impart technical training to students by teaching them the basics of electronics, robotics, automation, wireless communication, 3D printing, rapid prototyping and software modelling along with soft skills like teamwork, time management, problem-solving, communication and leadership,” he said.

Experts claim that use of robots can contribute to eradication of manual scavenging and also help replace humans in cleaning sewer waste. (MR, Inputs: Agencies).

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