Robots steal the show at STEM science and tech expo

Man’s love for machines has a long history.  The future is assumed to be all about robots, automaton and machines.  LEGO robots and robotic models at the STEM science and technological expo on Monday, organised as part of the third International Festival for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, were the cynosure of all eyes.

Gateway to Robotics Interactive Learning Academy (GRILA), the city-based STEM CS Educational Institute which has been promoting learning of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and computer science concepts for school and colleges. Students exhibited a few robotic models designed by them.

Young lads of the city, who had designed robotic models including crane, insects, segway, hamster bot and many other robotic models attracted hundreds of science students and public on the first day of the STEM exhibition. These young kids, who are as young as 14, impressed the visitors with their robotic skills. They have not just designed the robotic models but also have programmed them and the perfect examples are robotic elephant and a road kill video game designed by them.

Speaking to City Today, Director of GRILA Kanchana Anchan said, “Robotics are interdisciplinary programmes which enable  students not just to learn but experiment creatively with the core subjects like science, technology, engineering, mathematics and computer science. We have been providing our students a handy experience for many years which helps them to get an in-depth understanding of simple and complex machines. This has been a perfect platform for our students to exhibit their robotic skills and models and in the meantime, to create awareness on how technical subjects can be taught via practical thinking and develop design and problem solving techniques.”

She added, “Our students have participated in global challenges based on the LEGO robotic platforms including World Robot Olympiad, First Lego League and many other national competitions which develop their machine and robotic skills.”

Here is a good chance for passionate robot lovers and aspirants to witness the creative models created by the city lads at the STEM exhibition organised at the Manasagangotri premises till October 20.

 By Karthik K K


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