Rotary Mysore holds initiative on voting awareness

Mysuru, March 14:- With the Lok Sabha elections round the corner, Rotary Mysore came up with a new initiative on voting awareness. The theme of the initiative was ‘Voting is the only power to show your rights.’ “But most people don’t vote, so we are educating children on voting rights where kids will request their parents to go out and vote,” said the organisers.

As we say today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders, likewise, today’s kids will change their parents’ minds to cast their votes.

The event was held at Vijaya Vittala School. Secretary Vasudev Bhat, Rotary Mysore secretary Ramchandra Raje Urs, president-elect Chetan Vishwanath, Ideal Jawa Rotary School secretary Manohara M C and and members educated students with handbills.

This programme will be held in various schools in and around Mysuru. The initiative hopes to reach out to at least lakh students. (MR)


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