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Rs 10,000 penalty for drunk and drive in Mysuru

Mysuru, March 15:- People driving under the influence of alcohol will be fined Rs 10,000 as a penalty. The Mysuru Traffic Police are now on high alert to catch people breaking the rules.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, for the last two years, all the breath analyser tests had been suspended. Now, as per new orders, the testing is back on track in Mysuru from February 27 from 10 pm to 6 am on major roads, ring roads and junctions.
“The vehicles will be seized and a receipt for the case will be given on the spot which must later be produced in the court by the drivers and Rs 10,000 must be paid as penalty.
The receipt from the court then be submitted back to the police station along with the driving licence (DL) and vehicle insurance. Failing to submit these documents will attract another Rs 2,000. The DL will be suspended as per RTO rules. These are the consequences and effects on oneself. So please follow the rules and be safe,” said Mysuru Commissioner of Police Dr Chandragupta. (AM, KS)

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