Sa Ra Mahesh and AH Vishwanath continue mudslinging at Chamundi Hill

Two political leaders play hide and seek and depart much to the amusement of people

Mysuru, October 17:- MLA Sa Ra Mahesh who accepted the challenge of disqualified MLA AH Vishwanath, visited Chamundeshwari Temple atop Chamundi Hill on Thursday and said that he still stands by his allegations he made against the former Hunsur MLA Vishwanath.

He said that the allegations he made against Vishwanath at Vidhana Soudha in Bengaluru are true and I will not retract the statement.

“Let Vishwanath say that he has not been lured or he has not taken any money. I still stand by these words. I repeat the same in front of Goddess Chamundeshwari. I will not meet Vishwanath. I am not good enough to meet him,” he said tauntingly.

With tears in his eyes Sa Ra Mahesh said that he was saddened by the political developments and he will keep himself away from public life.

“Vishwanath has repeatedly attacked me with derogatory personal comments. I kept quite as he is elder to me. But he went on criticising and hurting me. I wouldn’t meet him until my last breath,” said the former minister.

“Once again I stand firm with regard to the accusations I made in the state Legislative Assembly. Let him promise that he has not taken money and all the allegations he made against me is untrue. In fact I am fed up with him. I brought him to the party and now I am in a situation of resigning because of him. I have never said that I will bring the buyer who paid Vishwanath. Former chief minister Siddaramaiah and MLA GT Devegowda had warned me that Vishwanath isn’t a trustworthy person. Vishwanath had asked me to come to Chamundi Hill to swear in front of the Goddess and I have come. The rest will be decided by the people,” he said.

AH Viswanath who stood outside the temple, questioned Mahesh whether he was Tata or Birla. He said that he will contest the upcoming by-election from Hunsur for sure.

He dared Mahesh to bring the buyer who paid money to him and swear in front of the Goddess. “Why are you sitting inside like a coward now? You have fled. This is nothing but escapism. If you are going to bring the buyer, I will wait here till evening. You had promised on children that I have sold myself. Why are you hiding inside the temple now?” he questioned.

Mahesh, came out of the temple only after Vishwanath left the place. He said that he will not hold a single press meet on Vishwanath anymore. “Vishwanath did not swear in front of Goddess about all the personal allegations he made against me. I have prayed to the Mother (Goddess) to be among the good people hereafter,” he said.

The two leaders did not keep up their words as promised, nor did they meet each other in person and clarified about all the allegations. Viswanath was outside the temple and Mahesh was inside with his supporters. Devotees were put into a lot of inconvenience as the two political leaders were at the hill temple premises.

Police had a sigh of relief only when the two leaders departed from the hill. The devotees and people who were witness to this ‘political drama’ had the last laugh and were of the opinion that such incidents should not happen at a place of worship. (KS, NGB)

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