Sad news

It is sad to read media reports about JNU shock waves in IISc, Bengaluru. It is perhaps, the first time that in the long history of IISc – well known as Tata Institute, in Bengaluru, such a shameful incidence has taken place. This institute has a glorious past and  wonderful environment for academic pursuits, well known world over. If the so called ‘liberal leftists’ think they have freedom to do what they want, similar will be the feelings of other groups as well. If the leftists have the right (to what they believe), the rightists too have the right (to their beliefs). In the name of freedom of speech anti national activities are spreading its tentacles all over. It is time, IISc management takes tough actions to nip in the bud any activity that mars the reputation of this glorious institute and stall converting  this as one more extension of JNU.

Dr Shalini Murthy, Mysuru

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