Sad news

It is very sad to note that two state run buses and some other private vehicles were washed off due to the collapse of Mahad bridge over the river Savitri on Mumbai-Goa highway in Maharastra.Around thirty people were feared dead in this incident. Even expert divers had tough time to search the bodies as the river is in full swing. Age of the bridge was the main reason quoted for this incident. Over a period of seven decades the pillars of the bridge became weak  and collapsed leading to this accident. At least as a corrective measure, concerned departments should check the strength and usability of such decades old bridges (road or rail) all over the country and take appropriate action not to reoccur such incidents in the future. At least caution boards should be put up indicating when it should not be used. This step may save lives and property loss in the future.

Dr S V N Vijayendra, Mysuru

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