SAD! Sudeep-Priya Divorce In The Limelight!

Sudeep’s marriage dispute comes to the limelight. Seems like 2016 is effecting Kannada stars personal lives. Recently, Darshan and his Vijayalakshmi was in news for the same reason.   On Sep 11, the news about Sudeep’s dispute with wife Priya was initially heard. The reports close to the actor said, the couple had filed for a mutual consent divorce. 

Earlier, Priya had filed a petition at the Family Court, requesting for a mutual consent divorce with her husband Sudeep. Now, the latest reports say that, the couple has been called for a counselling at the Family Court on April 22. It is very disheartening to know that, Sudeep and Priya are getting separated soon. In the petition, the couple has stated that, “Due to many misunderstanding and internal problems in marital life, we are unable to live together. Thus, we are getting separated”.  Thus, Sudeep and Priya’s 14yrs of marriage comes to an end! The couple has a 14 year old daughter, Saanvi who will be sent with her mother Priya, after the separation.  The sources also reveal that, the Abhinaya Chakravarthy has agreed to pay 19 Crores to Priya, as alimony. Sudeep, has also made up his mind to give the event management company to Priya, which was started in 2013.  In 2011, Sudeep, son of Sanjeev Sarovara tied the knot with Priya, who belongs to a Hindu Nnair family. It was a love marriage for Sudeep and Priya, say sources. 

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