Safety neglected

During my recent visit to helipad, I noticed that several vehicle users were not concerned about either their safety or that of other road users. Many were not wearing helmets. Triple riding was quite common. Be it two wheeler or four wheeler, talking over the mobile was found to be very common. When two wheeler riders were asked to go ahead towards the second gate to park their vehicles, they were insisting to enter through the first gate and quite opposite situation was also noticed. Many quietly forgot ‘keep left’ policy. While leaving the parking area, many went extreme right to take a turn towards right side, and those who want to go towards Lalithadripura went extreme right and took left turn at the road, inconveniencing the vehicles either entering or leaving the parking area. Many car and auto drivers were seeing stopping their vehicles at the corner of the main road to drop the devotees, leading to traffic congestion on the main approaching road towards helipad. All these were happening in front of the traffic police on duty there. Road safety should always be the concern of every vehicle rider, be it is on daily routine or special occasions like this and try to follow the traffic rules always! Festivals should not be an exception to follow the traffic rules and for road safety.

Dr  S V N Vijayendra, Mysuru

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