Sahthya Samrajya Nataka Mandali honours theater personalities

Theatre schools can only im­part skills but it cannot pro­duce a versatile actor like Lokesh opined theatre per­son Srinivas G Kappanna on Thursday.

He was speaking after conferring Subbaiah Naidu’ award to theatre person N Rathna, taxmibar award to Indiramma and tokesh’ award to Renuka Prasad in a programme organised in memory of actor Lokesh.

The event was organised by Sahithya Samrajya Nataka Mandaii at Natana Theatre School, at which the awar­dees were honoured with Rs 10000 in cash and a shield.

Addressing the gathering Kappanna said that theatre is the art of the wise and en­tertainment of the commoner. There is an increasing craze among the present generation who are interested in acting to study at the National School of Drama (NSD).

However, merely getting a degree certificate  from NSD is not enough to to create an actor like Lokesh.

Actress Girija Lokesh said that Subbaiah Naidu directed films In various languages but he invested all the money made on theatre. Such was the passion he had towards thea­tre. He expected good pronun­ciation and an eye to eye con­tact with the audience. His son Lokesh also followed his foot­steps kept his legacy alive.

Further she said that ac­tors who had kept the audi­ence entertained throughout their career are in a bad fi­nancial condition now. It is our duty to take care of them and hence in memory of ac­tor Lokesh we are financially assisting ten senior artists.

`Naayithippa’ was staged by the students of Natana on the occasion. Actor Mandya Ramesh and Puja Lokesh were present.

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