Salman’s comment was extremely insensitive Kangana Ranaut

Actress Kangana Ranaut has slammed superstar Salman Khan’s comment that he felt like a “raped woman” while shooting for”Sultan.” She says it’s insensitive on his part.

Asked to share her views on Salman’s state­ment Kangana said: “We all agree that it is a horrible thing to say. It’s something which is extremely insensitive, but I would like to say that let’s not encourage that mentality where you point fingers at each other and want to feel greater by pulling them down and rolling peo­ple down?

While most Bollywood stars who are other­wise outspoken in condemning rape incidents are mum over Salman’s remark, Kangana said: “As a society, we have to take responsibility and stand united. And it is disgraceful for the soci­ety, not an individual?

“We all collectively feel sorry for that thought process;’ she added.

Kangana commented on the controversy at the premiere of a film “Kriti,” where she was a guest of honour.

Salman courted controversy after he said during a media interaction that he felt like a “raped woman” walking out of a ring in his role as a wrestler in his upcoming film “Sultan.” He later said, “I don’t think I should have” and explained that he found it hard to walk.

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