Sambhrama inaugurated at JSS College of Nursing

“Only through joy can one find companionship,” said Rangayana former director H Janardhan. Speaking after inaugurating ‘Sambhrama-2016’ of JSS College of Nursing at Shri Shivarathri Rajendra Bhavan, here, along with artiste Mime Ramesh, he said that “the most important characteristic of a man is joy. In a village, people try to find joy in festivals and fairs. It’s not for individual gain, but to have a healthy society. But today due to some unknown reasons, our society is breaking. Like DVG’s ‘Mankuthimmanakagga,’ everyone should get together. That is when we can experience real joy,” he said.

“Doctors are like God figures for the sick and afflicted with disease. Students should unravel the real joy,” he added while addressing the nursing students. Mime Ramesh said that “it’s not how much money and wealth a man possesses. When he falls ill, only doctors can save him. Doctors stand in a mother’s position when they treat the disease. It’s a big responsible job.”

Mahesh R, Prof Sheila Williams and over 300 nursing students were present.

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