Sarah-Jane Crawford’s cancer scares

Former “The X Factor” presenter Sarah-Jane Crawford has revealed that she suffered a second cancer scare in less than two years.

Crawford discovered a lump on her left breast earlier this month — just a year after having a growth removed from her right breast.

In an interview with The Sun newspaper, Crawford has opened up about her struggle with the disease and how she’s managed to cope with going through the terrifying ordeal twice.

“The first thing I thought when I found the lump was that an operation to remove it would be my third in two years,” Crawford said.

“After my first operation, my immune system was so low that when I went back to work just three weeks afterwards. I caught a bad virus and was really ill,” she added.

After discovering another lump, Crawford went in for a biopsy and was told that it was harmless.

However, doctors discovered another possible tumour and told the star that she remains at “high risk” for breast cancer in the future.

“I’m now considered a high risk for breast cancer, but in a way that makes me less at risk because I know about it,” she added.

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