Savayava Sattva Ahara Mela opens

A three-day organic food mela ‘Savayava Sattva Ahara Mela’ was inaugurated at Nanjaraja Bahadur Choultry in city on Friday.

With an aim to connect the farmers with consumers, fairly and organically and ensure greater interface, Sattva Ahara and the Institute for Cultural Research and Action (ICRA) have jointly organised the three-day organic food fair.

Renowned wildlife photographer Krupakar who inaugurated the mela said that ‘Farmers play a key role in the development of a nation and are the main revenue generators; in India government has neglected the contributions of farmers. The exploitation of natural resources has an adverse impact on agriculture resulting in decrease of crop growth in various places. Unscientific methods and inorganic farming has been followed and people are not aware of the organic crops or organic foods. There is a need to inculcate the meaning of organic farming in our daily life and the government must take initiative to conduct more such organic fairs to promote and develop the organic market.”

The Sattva Ahara organisation has been collaborating with small farmers of various regions. Around 25 shops have been set up at the three-day fair. Farmers from Mysuru, Gadag, Ballari including garden city farmers, Indra Prastha, Siri Samrudhi Savayava Krishikara Parivara, Satva Ahara and others are participating in the mela.  A wide array of organic food items such as rice, honey, dry fruits, jaggery and grains are available at the organic food mela at an affordable price.

ZP President Nayeema Sultana, Ayurveda expert Dr Sanjeev Nayak, B N Prabhuswamy, Gayathri and others were present. 


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