Save water

World Water Day, an initiative of the United Nations, was celebrated on March 22 to increase awareness about water scarcity and safety issues around the world. With uncertainties in the climate and decreased rain fall all over the world, it is very one’s duty to save water. Saving water bodies from the clutches of land grabbers and from pollution is to be addressed at the first step. Harvesting rain water either for direct use or to allow it go into the soil, instead of allowing it to go as runoff is another major step to save water. Rain water harvesting should be taken up at a massive scale. Safety (quality) of the drinking water is also an important aspect. Water should be protected from heavy metals like lead, mercury, pesticides, fluoride, sewage, microbial pathogens, etc. More than 840 K people are dying from waterborne diseases, including diarrhea, each year. The amount of safe water could drop by 40% in coming 15 years, if we do not change the way we use water. One should be serious in saving water and minimising its wastage.

Dr S V N Vijayendra, Mysuru

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