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Save your wooden furniture in monsoon

It is necessary to pay special attention to protecting your wooden furniture during the monsoon season.

Here we have shared some tips on how one can maintain wooden items in the house during the rains:

* The rainy season is not the best time to get your furniture redone. So don’t rush into it because this isn’t the time when the wood is in a stable condition.

* Buying furniture or getting it transported is not a good idea during monsoon. They are susceptible to moisture and you may not receive it in its original form.

* Try as much as possible to pull your sofas, wardrobe or cupboards six inches away from the wall which is facing the outside of the house. The upholstery has the tendency to attract moisture and may affect the wood eventually.

* In any kind of wooden furniture, it is the cross-sections or edges that attract moisture very easily. Thus, before the onset of the monsoon, it is advisable to coat and seal these edges using lacquer, sealants or any other protective coatings so that the moisture does not settle on the product.

* Oiling or waxing the furniture can also prevent your wooden furniture from absorbing moisture.

* To ensure that anything wooden or wooden composites in your house are not exposed to the rainy weather, the basic precautionary measure one can take is to keep them indoors.

* A well-ventilated interior has the potential to take the humidity out of a room or an indoor space. This can also help in keeping the furniture maintained as the movement of air dries up the wood. Thus it is a good idea to have a cross-ventilated room with open windows when it comes to ensuring proper care of wooden furniture.

* Avoid any beautification work during the monsoon because painting and polishing may not give the best results if done in an environment with high moisture levels. Instead, it is better to just stick to maintenance and cleaning.

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