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Saving environment in a cost-effective way by Columbia Asia Hospitals

Mysuru, October 17:- We are living in a time where our natural environmental resources are in grave danger of not just getting diminished but may totally disappear in their original forms. The climate change that is being observed globally is a matter of serious concern. There cannot be enough emphasis on the fact that it is crucial for each industry and every individual to take necessary steps in conserving the natural resources and adopt a way of life that is eco-friendly. With environmental concerns under the radar, waste management and judicious use of natural resources have become the need as well as the talk of the hour.

Hospitals have often been known for generating a large amount of waste, both no degradable and biodegradable. From diagnosis to treatments or immunisation to research, a large amount and variety of waste is produced from the hospitals using the instruments and techniques for disease treatments, making intensive use of energy in the form of light, water, space, heat, ventilation, humidity control and air-conditioning etc., for obvious reasons owing to the complex management structure that they deal with.

Going green

The energy demand for machinery/equipment for our routine operations is met by a solar energy source. The most ideal way to ensure clean power in a hospital is to have a long-term, renewable power from solar power generating farms thanks to the abundant supply of sunlight that we have at our disposal. Columbia Asia Hospital uses 90% of solar power instead of conventional power source in Karnataka. A major incentive with solar power is also the financial return as they do not require any expensive types of machinery and are comparatively low maintenance.

Fossil fuel reduction

An extremely serious global concern currently is that of pollution in its many forms. Fossil fuels through various means are majorly responsible for a lot of emissions that further add to the pollution. To enhance long-term effectiveness, Columbia Asia is going 100% fossil fuel free for certain hospital utilities like Hot Water generation by replacing the conventional hot water generators to efficient heat pumps and hot water solar panels.

Green OTs

30% of Columbia Asia’s Hospitals have Green OTs. Green Operation Theatres (OTs) will ensure an eco-friendly surrounding through environmentally-aided air flows – air conditioning systems, OT set up, anaesthesia machines, types of volatile agents used, etc. All this will eventually reduce emissions and also facilitate better cost management as the expenditure is done through natural resources and can be done within one’s compound. It has also been estimated that the cost of generating power from natural resources is only coming down and getting cheaper compared to generally available systems. (MR)


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