SBRR Mahajana FGC holds talk on Radio Jockey

A special lecture was organised by Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, SBRR Mahajana First Grade College (FGC), on ‘The Radio Jockey: The qualities , language and skills  required,’ to familiarise students in the backdrop of the radio boom and the increasing popularity of radio.

Radio Jockey (RJ) Avinash said ‘FM boom has thrown open a number of avenues and opportunities to the young, energetic and enthusiastic who have an ear for music and a passion to entertain. The profession of RJ has just taken off in India and the demand for RJs is likely to shoot up in the coming years as more and more FM channels are proposed.’

“For being an RJ it is not essential that one must only have a very good and clear voice, but what is more essential is that whoever is listening to him/her must get a feeling that this person speaking on radio is giving voice to my own heart. That means a good RJ should reach straight to the heart of his audience and voice their feelings. Moreover, he should be a true music lover and could connect heartily with the music and lyrics of the songs being played. What is meant to be said is that song which is to be played must be prompted in such a way that even one who dislikes the song starts liking it,” he added.

Avinash further pointed out that an RJ should create his/her own image. “Don’t try to imitate anyone. Be clear about your likes and dislikes. Talk one to one. A RJ should converse in such a way that one who is listening to him should feel as if the RJ is talking only to him. RJs who speak more become very boring so a good RJ should have an ability to speak less, but it should be interesting.”

Prof K V Prabhakar, Principal of SBRR Mahajana First Grade College,  Dr Bhargavi Hemmige, Assistant Prof,  Department of Journalism, were present.

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