SC ruling welcome

In a welcome move, the Supreme Court in a ruling has barred sale of liquor on national and state highways and asked the states not to extend the licence of liquors shops located on highways beyond March 2017. Although delayed, it is a much-needed step to reduce the road accidents on highways to certain extent. Some drivers tend to have a dose of liquor and drive their vehicles in inebriated condition leading to accident(s) which may end up with loss of lives of even innocent people or property, sometimes both. Not only this, they are spoiling their health by drinking  alcohol in excess leading to mainly damage of liver, pancreas, brain, heart  attack, stroke  and high blood pressure. It may weaken immune system besides, increasing the risk of cancer in mouth, esophagus, throat, liver and breasts. Chronic drinkers are more susceptible to get diseases like tuberculosis and pneumonia. However, this rule needs to be implemented effectively (even on other key roads) to achieve the desired goal of reducing road accidents in the country.

Dr S V N Vijayendra, Mysuru


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