Science Ashram to hold Young Innovator Hunt 2.0

Mysuru, July 10:- Science Ashram, a city-based hands-on science education centre is conducting Young Innovator Hunt 2.0 shortly.

The first Young Innovator Hunt(YIH) was conducted last year and students from National Public School, Excel Public School,Pushkarni,Podar Intl. School, SVEI , Hari Vidyalaya, Acharya Vidya Kula, Rotary Brindavan, TLC, East West InternationalSchool, JSS Public Schools and a few government schools in and around Mysore city participated.

Like last year, this year too, Science Ashram has posed a scenario from Anglo-Mysore War II, wherein a British battalion was defeated.

The primary reason this battle was won was because of the scientific approach towards problem-solving and high order thinking skills used. This reasoning of Tippu Sultan gave rise to missile technology.

NASA has displayed a painting of this battle scene in their centre in the US.  This was recognized by late Dr Abdul Kalam at Wallops Flight Facility, the base for NASA’s Sounding Rocket Programme. The participants will be narrated this story and will be asked to devise an innovative solution assuming that they are in the times of Tippu Sultan and are fighting against the British from the island town of Srirangapatnam.

This type of problem/scenario-based question is known as project based learning. It creates immense curiosity-making children self-directed learners.

Each participant, as a token of appreciation, is given a fidget spinner from Science Ashram. The winnersare given an opportunity to visit ISRO and HAL along with the Science Ashram team.  Interested Schools may contact Science Ashram: 99808 78105 or [email protected] (MR/KK).

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