Science Club inaugurated at Vijaya Vittala PU College

Science club of Vijaya Vittala PU College was inaugurated by Principal of Sarada Vilas College of Pharmacy Dr Hanumantha Achar Joshi, recently.  

Dr Hanumantha Joshi said: “Life is something unique which needs planning and preparation to excel. Scientific outlook is essential for assimilating all kinds of thoughts into betterment of life, since we cannot live without science and want science everyday and every time. Knowledge is important to train one’s body and mind for self discipline as it is significant for the present generation to give utmost importance into learning. Propagation regarding importance of basic sciences and technology is taking an upper hand”.

He called upon students to study pure science in depth and carry out research work. He further educated the students on various facts associated with medicines and its proper consumption and the necessity of using science constructively by giving importance to pure science that stands as a backbone behind all scientific inventions and discoveries.  

R Vasudev Bhat, secretary of Vijaya Vittala Educational Institutions presided. H Satyaprasad, principal of the college, lecturers P R Sushma &  K S Shylaja co-ordinators of the club were present.


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