Science fairs helps in understanding science: BRC Ramesh

Science exhibitions improve the mental health of the children, said BRC Ramesh.

He was speaking at the science exhibition held in Ganiganuru Government School, recently. “Such exhibitions will help in unravelling the true potential of students. It will challenge the thinking capacity of children and improves their mental health. Since students prepare the models on their own, they understand the basics of science easily. Such exhibitions should be held on a regular basis in rural schools,” he said.

SDMC member Shantharaju spoke on the occasion and said that such programmes will help to recognise the potential of students. This proves that government schools are on par with the private schools, he said.

The models prepared by students were the main attractions of the evening.

BRP Ravikumar, CRP Chandru, Head mistress Chandramma, teachers Duggahatti Shantharaju, Lokesh, Madhuvanahalli Nandeesh, Shobha, Naveen Kumar and others were present.

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