Scintillating prelude to VYUTTHA on air and road

As a promotional event for VYUTTHA, the first annual large-scale Radio Controlled model aircraft show was organised by Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering in collaboration with the Mysore Flying Association on Sun-day at the Lalit Mahal Helipad.

The RC aircraft pilots performed various feats for the audience. The event featured various aircrafts coming from all over the state. The show featured remote-controlled aeroplanes, helicopters, and hexacopters along with a few other aircrafts (all radio controlled) flown by MFA pilots Praveen Kumar, Arun Kumar, Raghavendra, Nehru, Bharat, Rajeev, and Chiranth. The finale featured two rounds of hexacopters which dropped chocolates for the children in the audience, much to their excitement. Mysuru Commissioner of Police B Dayananda was the chief guest at the show. Other guests of honour were Gundappagowda, President of the VidyavardhakaSangha (VVS), and Sri P Vishwanath, Secretary of WS, Raghav Elechithaya, President of MFA, and Alex Praveen, Secretary of MFA.

Royal Enfield Bike rally

The Royal Enfield bike rally too was held as a promotional event for the national lev-el technical fest VYUTTHA, which will be held in Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering (WCE) on May 6 and 7. Around 30-35 bikers from Mysuru took part in the rally. The rally started from WCE and ended at the helipad situated beside Lalitha Mahal. The rally was en route from BMH road, 100-ft Road, MG Road and finally ended at the Helipad. VYUTTHA’ is the annual technical fest of WCE, Mysuru, which aims to enhance creativity, innovation, and imagination among students through events like the Start-up Expo and Science Expo, along with numerous department level events.

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