Scouts and guides go ‘around the world’ virtually

‘Around the world’, an innovative fun activity was organised as part of the ongoing ‘jamboree’, national level event for Scouts and Guides at the Adakanahali industrial area.

The event was filled with educative values and was organised to spread the message of love and brotherhood among the participants who had arrived from nook and corners of the country. The participating teams displayed information about scouts and guides in different countries, their uniforms, culture, history and geography through banners, place cards, flex boards, charts, costumes and model exhibits.

‘Around the world’ concept was first introduced at the state level jamboriat which was held in 2014 at Doddaballapura. It was a huge success and hence was introduced at the national event. Books and documents depicting passport and visa of different countries were also given to participants.

The event was inaugurated by PGR Scindia, chief commissioner, Bharat scouts and guides, Karnataka.

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