Second batch of Dasara jumbos joins rehearsal exercise

Weight accclimatisation for elephants continues

Mysuru, September 15:- The rehearsal of the elephants has become more colourful even as the second batch of Dasara elephants joined the rehearsal exercise here on Saturday.

As is the practice, rehearsal of Dasara elephants carrying the weights is continuing. This exercise is to help the jumbos get acclimatised to carrying the weight during the Jamboo Savari.  On Friday, Arjuna was made to carry sandbags weighing 300 kg. Today, Dhananjaya was made to carry sandbags weighing 300 kg. Arjuna, Balarama and Dhananjaya are being readied for the big day during Dasara.

The elephants from the second batch were weighed today at Kannikamba weighbridge on Rajapatha. Abhimanyu emerged highest-weighed jumbo in the second batch at 4,930 kg. Balarama stood at 4,910 kg. Prashantha weighed 4,650 kg, Drona 3,900 kg, Cauvery 2,830 kg and Vijaya 2,790 kg. Balarama and Abhimanyu, who usually come in the first batch every year, came in the second batch as they were busy in wild elephant operation at Ramanagara.

Photo: GK Hegde

As the temperature has gone up in the city in the last few days, the elephants were frolicking in the water.

On Friday evening, the second batch of Dasara elephants arrived at the Mysuru Palace to a traditional welcome.

The district administration handed a colourful welcome to the elephants. The gentle giants entered the Palace premises after the puja. Senior most member of the team, Balarama, Abhimanyu, Cauvery, Vijaya, Drona and Prashantha made their presence felt. Along with the elephants, mahouts and kavadis have also arrived. (MR/KS).



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