Self-driving cars: 40% Indians too scared to be productive

Self-driving vehicles offer an edge in terms of safety and mobility, but one of its biggest expected benefits is increased productivity of passengers freed of the burden of driving — or is it, asks a new study that also included a sample from India. To the question “What would people do when they are travelling in a self-driving car?”, researchers Michael Sivak and Brandon Schoettle said that nearly 40 per cent of Indians said they would be so apprehensive that they would not attempt any activities in such vehicles. But the study found that fear would preclude any productive activity among 40 per cent of those surveyed in India.

Of the 60 per cent who said they would take advantage of their travel time, about 10 per cent said they would read, 15 per cent would text or talk with family and friends, nearly five per cent would sleep, 12 per cent would watch movies or TV, 16 per cent would work and two per cent would play games.

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