Selfies make us self-conscious: Susan Sarandon

Actress Susan Sarandon feels that the selfies make people self-conscious.

The 69-year-old says that the culture of selfies has made individuals less attached to their tribes.

“I think the whole culture with selfies and all of this business has made us more and more self-conscious and less and less attached to our tribe,” a magazine quoted Sarandon as saying.

The “Thelma & Louise” actress loves to interact with people in real life but can’t understand why every time she enters a room people turn to their phones to tell people she is there.

“I love talking to people that I meet, that I’m important to for whatever reason. That might seem somewhat artificial, but I don’t mind.

“I don’t find that a burden at all. But what’s interesting is that now when I enter a room… Everybody picks up their phone and starts saying that I’m there,” the Academy Award winner said.

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