Semi high speed train to operate between Mysuru and Chennai

Mysuru to Chennai will no more be a distant and highly time consuming train journey. The 500 kilometre distance between Mysuru, Bengaluru and Chennai can be covered within 4:45 hours. A semi high speed train project is prepared and the train route will be made at the cost of Rs 4,350 cr. The train which moves at a speed of 160 kilometres per hour covers the distance in 4 hours and 45 minutes. A China-based company has submitted a project report to the Railway board on the feasibility of the project. The fastest train on this route, Shatabdhi express takes 7 hours to complete the journey.

Upgrading the entire railway route from Mysuru to Chennai costs Rs 4,350 crore. From Bengaluru to Chennai it costs Rs 3,200 crore. If the track between Bengaluru and Chennai alone is upgraded, the distance can be covered in 2 hours and 50 minutes, says the report.

Mysuru – Bengaluru route is full of hills and it is difficult to upgrade this route. In the first phase, the Bengaluru–Chennai route will be upgraded and in the next phase, Bengaluru – Mysuru route will be upgraded, said the railway officials. The Railway Board has made some changes in the report by the China company and has told them to sort it out in the final report.

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