Seminar on human rights at Mahajanas

Life, liberty, equality and dignity are the fundamental principles of human rights said Karnataka State Human Rights commission member, C G Hungund.

He was speaking at a seminar on human rights organised by Mahajana Law College in the city on Monday. Hungund said, “Human rights came into existence as a result of civilisation. After the first and second World War, the United Nations Organisation (UNO) adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights guaranteeing every individual to have their own right to live. Human rights are natural rights, when a person is born he naturally attain his own right. When every individual is aware about his conscience he will be able to know what he should do. The philosophy the whole world agrees today is human rights.”

“Human rights are unchallengeable rights and it has been envisaged in the Indian Constitutions part 3 and part 4. Constitution is the substantial of human rights. Every religion and religious leaders emphasised on the need for human and moral values. Today we must not fight for our human rights but fight to protect the human rights.” He added.

He said, “In the name of development we must not disobey the human rights and hamper our eco-system. In various irrigation projects launched by government, most of the people are left unsheltered and they didn’t get a proper rehabilitation. It is of utmost concern for all of us to not hamper human rights and eco-system in the name of development,” he said.

Principal of Mahajana’s Law college Savitha A P and others were present.

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