Seminar on Tipu Sultan held in city

Mysuru, November 11:-Tipu Sultan was a true champion of nationalism, secularism, pluralism and humanism said Prof Mahesh Chandra Guru.

He was addressing at a seminar on Tipu Sultan organised by Karnataka Dalita welfare trust in association with Responsible citizen’s forum in the city on Saturday. Prof Guru said, “Tipu Sultan was a great Indian ruler who fought against British imperialism and sacrificed his life for the sake of national integration and sovereignty. He gave a new dimension to public administration and national development in India. The vested interests have aired several negative criticism based on prejudices and unrealities against Tipu Sultan. He has suffered more at the hands of historians who have not given the right place in the history of India on account of Hindu fundamentalism. There are umpteen numbers of historical evidences, monuments and documents which establish that Tipu Sultan had resisted British colonialism in India.”

“Tipu’s magnanimity is evident in the history of India since he had promptly sown the seeds of national freedom movement in India by resisting colonialism. Tipu faced a series of internal revolts afterwards. The Raja of Pinaknoor rebelled against but Tipu was able to contain the rebellion through diplomacy. The ruler of Nargundah also revolted against Tipu, but Burhanuddin arrested him and sent him with his family to Srirangapatnam after a fierce battle. The people of Coorg also expressed disloyalty to Tipu around the end of 1784 but Tipu reoccupied Coorg subsequently. The Raja of Kannanoor also rebelled against Tipu but requested his forgiveness afterward,” he added.

“The Mysore state was immensely benefited from the sustainable administrative, developmental and defence initiatives of Tipu Sultan. An overwhelming majority of his subjects were non-Muslim. Moreover, as a practicing Muslim and a deeply religious man he respected and tolerated other faiths and their adherents. He does not need a certificate of secularism from over-zealous writers,” Prof Guru opined.

Historian Prof Nanjaraje Urs, Secretary of MESCO education institution Shabbeer Mustafa, Ayub Ansari, M G Khaleem, Noted writer and thinker Prof K S Bhagawan and others were present.

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