Seminar on ‘Discovery of novel drugs from plants’ held

“India is a mega biodiversity country where traditional knowledge like Ayurveda and folk medicine play a major role,” said CSIR emeritus scientist Dr T Shivanandappa.

He was addressing a gathering at a special lecture organised by the Botanical Society of Department of Studies in Botany, University of Mysore, on the topic ‘Discovery of Novel Drugs from Plants’.

He said: “Plants show a huge diversity and India is a rich source of plants. India alone constitutes a total of 15,000 different species of plants in 3,00,000 plant species found around the world. But there is only one percent of around 3,000 plant species which can be classified under the food species wherein only 150 plant species are cultivated and around 20 plant species are major food source. In the same way around 10,000 plant species possess medicinal qualities but in India around 500 and odd plant species are major sources of medicine.”


“Today plants are not just source of drugs but also source of molecules. Natural molecules for edible plants can be called as nutraceuticals. Today, around the world, scientists are rediscovering plants as novel drugs and the research tells that natural products are ready source of bioactive molecules which have highest probability of drug discovery,” he added.

President of Botanical society and chairperson of DOS in Botany Dr Shobha Jagannath, Dr Raveesh, Dr Swaroop Kumar, Dr Nalini and others were present.


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