Sensitivity is what media needs the most at this moment

Prakash Rai, renowned actor, producer and director in the country, has been in the news for no fault of his.  The way Prakash reacted in a TV interview has become a raging controversy. When the anchor asked Prakash regarding the ongoing Cauvery dispute between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, Prakash got furious, removed the lapel and walked out of the studio.

Prakash, born and brought in Karnataka, a star in multi languages, was expected to speak about the dispute. “As he is a cultural ambassador for both the states, I thought of asking that question, justifies the Janasri anchor, Aishwarya. “But the interview was supposed to discuss Prakash’s upcoming movie, ‘Idolle ramayana’ and not political issues,” says Prakash.

What followed the incident was sheer melodrama! The channel made a special segment on the incident and called Prakash anti-Karnataka. Several pro-Kannada activists spoke against Prakash’s act and condemned him. He was made to apologise for his ‘mistake’! Being an actor of both Kannada and Tamil, how could the channel expect him to give his opinion on the water dispute between the two states.

In the interview, the anchor did not ask him his view regarding the issue. Instead she asked him ‘who is wrong in this matter’. How can an actor call any one state right or wrong that may have put his career in jeopardy. Yes, the artists do have a social responsibility. As they endorse many brands, people consider it as their view and choice. But, how sensible are the media in handling such situations? Is it the state or the TRP comes first to them?

Prakash, who is also an agriculturist, knows the plight of the farmers, way better than the ‘aggressive’ media tycoons. Prakash handled the situation well and did the right thing by not answering the question which could have been a fuel on the pyre. Getting angry and reacting in that way was not appreciable, but Prakash has left a lesson to the media to learn!

By Shreeharsha C M

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